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ESGdatapoint - ESG data metrics & reporting in UK, Europe, North America and Asia

Our Approach

Data Processing

Predefined ESG Metrics

We have identified 35+ Core Metrics which are common to most business sectors and our AI Tool is able to locate and extract these metrics to csv format from multiple sustainability reports.   Results are checked for accuracy by our ESG Specialists before the data is exported.  The list of metrics can be modified according to specific sector(s) and our client’s requirements.

ESGdatapoint - In-house Analysis

Benchmarking Reports with Standardised Units and Data

There is currently a lot of non-standardised data in the ESG reporting space.  When we extract ESG data, we convert and standardise units for improved comparability and for the purposes of peer comparisons and Benchmarking reports.  

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Customisable Datasets Relevant to Client Portfolios/Products

We capture the metrics relevant to you and your needs. If there is a specific type of data required from a set of firms, we can capture it. We can also perform the same process for those firms’ competitors.

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Additional Support

Our experience in the financial data field, along with our ESG expertise means that we can be viewed as an extension of your research team. We actively work with our clients to problem solve and overcome obstacles. If datasets are available, we will locate them and we will continue to work with you to ensure that you have the information you need.

Our DNA from previous working relationships has always been one of ‘going the extra mile’ for our clients, being contactable and personable, and understanding the needs of our clients.


  • Customer Service Driven

  • AI-Assisted

  • Human Expertise

ESGdatapoint - Our Solutions to you

ESG Solutions

We provide effective solutions and expertise to better inform your decision making which allows you to develop data-driven ESG financial products. 

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