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ESG Performance Benchmarking

Peer and Competitor Analysis - Performance Benchmarking

For decades companies and investors have relied on ESG scoring to assess ESG Performance and compile basic ESG rankings. 


At ESGdatapoint, we believe that although scoring can be indicative of overall ESG Performance it means very little to the company and to the investor without transparency and the underlying ESG company data.

In contrast to ESG scoring provided by traditional data providers, ESGdatapoint offers a comprehensive benchmarking analysis of ESG performance based on granular metric data. The metrics chosen, are based on essential ESG matters as well as on themes material to specific sectors.

Our clients can choose the peers/competitors and metrics used in the benchmarking analysis so that the real ESG strengths and weaknesses of the company in question are revealed.

For more information on how ESGdatapoint’s benchmarking analysis services can benefit you and your organisation, please contact us.

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