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ESGdatapoint - Fully Customizable ESG Reporting Dataset

Fully Customisable ESG Reporting Datasets

Bespoke ESG Datasets as per Client's needs with raw ESG metrics and KPIs.

ESGdatapoint introduces unprecedented flexibility to the space of ESG data, acting as a primary data vendor as well as complementing existing datasets. 

A wide range of material ESG metrics and qualitative information, extracted from public sustainability documents, are normalised and used to compile fully customisable datasets irrespective of sustainability framework, financial sector, capitalisation, or location

Either on a subscription basis or on demand, our reporting is helping our clients meet their specific requirements for essentially any application ranging and not limited to:

  • ESG Fund Construction

  • ESG Data for Supplier Assessments

  • ESG Aligned Indices Construction

  • ESG Funds/Fund of Funds Reporting

  • Tracking and Reporting ESG Commitments embedded in Derivatives, Loans, Structured Products, and Bond transactions

We are more than happy to speak to you about your specific needs and build a fully customised package around them.

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