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ESGdatapoint - ESG data metrics & reporting in UK, Europe, North America and Asia

ESG DataTech Solutions to Combat Climate Change and transition to Net Zero

  • Net Zero Tracking

  • GSSS Bonds Impact Reporting

  • ESG Performance Benchmarking

  • ESG AI Solution (Coming Soon)


Data Made Simple

Net Zero Tracking

Net Zero & Climate Target commitments are tracked.   We provide underlying data, insights and analysis on company commitments and track their journey to Net Zero/Carbon Reduction.   

GSSS Bond & Loan Impact Reporting

Comprehensive data and analytics that support the assessment of the impacts of projects financed by Green, Social, Sustainability & Sustainability-Linked Bonds and Loans.

ESG Performance Benchmarking

Benchmarking that enables the effective assessment of risks and opportunities of a given company, and delivers a realistic comparison on a topic-by-topic basis compared with others in the same peer group.

ESGdatapoint - ESG data metrics & reporting, banks, insurance, wealth and asset owners

What makes us different?

Our Ethos

We are relentless in our approach - we diligently capture comprehensive datasets and go the extra mile for our clients -  sourcing data from any reporting framework, sector, and location.

Human Expertise Assisted by AI

Our team possesses expertise in ESG data, excels in handling complex data, and has leveraged cutting-edge technological/AI advancements to strengthen their position. 

ESG Data Integration into Investment Workflows 

We integrate Net Zero Tracking, Impact Reporting, ESG Performance Benchmarking impacts into investment workflows in a seamless, actionable, and logical manner.

Verifiable and Transparent

Our datasets are fully transparent and can be linked to the underlying primary data sources.


We are flexible and experienced in ESG data, enabling us to facilitate the best outcomes for our clients.

ESGdatapoint - ESG data metrics & reporting, banks, insurance, wealth and asset owners

ESG Data Challenges


Lack of completeness.

Limited comparability.​

Hard to find and monitor.

Requires time and expertise to interpret.

ESGdatapoint - ESG data metrics & reporting, banks, insurance, wealth and asset owners

ESGdatapoint Solution


Comparable and Actionable – we provide consistency and order from unstructured datasets to ensure they are comparable and insightful.

Quality and Transparency – ESGdatapoint’s data sources can be verified back to underlying public disclosures and sources for enhanced transparency.

Timely – our processes ensure that we deliver the most up-to-date datasets.

Units are standardised/normalised for the improved comparability across all our datasets.

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ESGdatapoint - Data Made Simple

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